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ATABER üretim süreci boyunca sahip olduğu bilgi ve tecrübeyi, siz değerli müşterileri ile paylaşmanın heyecanını duyar.

Deneyimli kadrosuyla sürekli kendini yenileyip, geliştiren, yüksek kalite ve hizmet anlayışıyla müşteri memnuniyetini kendisine ilke edinen ve kurulduğu günden itibaren kurumsal tekstil konusunda her gün müşterileriyle birlikte gelişen şirketimiz; Aşçı Takımları, Mutfak – Garson – Komi İş Elbiseleri, Otel Personel Elbiseleri, İş Tulumu, İş Önlüğü, Yelek, Özel İş Montları, Güvenlik İş Elbiseleri, Denizci İş Elbiseleri, Pilot ve Hostes Üniformaları, Hastane İş Elbiseleri gibi alanlarda müşterilerine sınırsız imkanlar sunmaktadır.

ATABER, Tekstil sektöründe yılların kazandırdığı tecrübeyi, şirketinize yönelik iş kıyafetleri geliştirmede ve üretmede kullanmakta, bu amaçla, ürün seçeneklerini, gösterilebilecek en büyük özenle tasarlayıp üretmektedir.

ATABER kurulduğu ilk andan itibaren kaliteye verdiği önem ve zoru başarma azmi sayesinde kısa sürede kurumsal tekstil sektöründe tanınmış ve bu ilkelerinden asla vazgeçmemiştir.

ATABER ile çalışan müşterilerimiz, tamamen kendi kurumsal kimliklerine uyarlanabilecek genel modellerimizden seçimler yapabilecekleri gibi, kendilerine özel yeni, orijinal tasarımlar da yaratabileceğimizin güveniyle hareket etmektedirler. Bütün müşterilerimize özel öneriler yaparak, müşteriye en uygun logo yerleşimleri ve renk kullanımlarıyla personelinize yakışan en özgün tasarımı oluşturuyoruz.

Firmanın değişmez prensipleri daima kalite, hizmet, zamanında teslim ve uygun fiyat olmuştur. Bu prensiplerden hareketle, tüm müşterilerimiz ile uzun vadeli, istikrarlı ve olumlu iş ilişkileri kurmayı hedefliyoruz.

” Üretimde başarı ve sürekliliğin teminatı hizmette dürüstlük ve kalitedir ” prensibiyle çalışan ATABER, gösterdiğiniz yakın ilgi ve desteğinizden ötürü teşekkür ederek sizlere bugün ve gelecekte hizmet vermeye devam edecektir.

If you’re looking to find your ultimate pleasure, you should consider using an escort to Dubai. The exotic city hosts a variety of countries and cultures, with Brazilian beautiful ladies with stunning buttocks. Arabian men are enthralled by small, chubby women. Asian beauty is tiny and very sexually attractive. You can find an escort that is local to Dubai via an online search engine. They’ll visit your house or hotel. They are able to provide a variety of different types of massages. They typically have experience as massage therapists. These professionals are able to aid you to relax and rejuvenate by offering a basic full body massage, to more complex Nuru or Tantra treatments. Dubai escort profiles include up-to-date photographs, and other relevant information about the escort like age and body measurements. They will also have information about sexy services they offer, including the back door and deep oral sex, and Master/Slave escort girl The Dubai escorts are well dressed and can converse fluently in English. They’re fluent in English and exceptional communicators. There are escorts who in Dubai also provide private services. However, they may charge a fee for this. Regardless of the type of service you choose it is guaranteed that the escort you choose will be discrete and relaxed throughout the experience. Getting an escort in Dubai can be fun and thrilling! There are many types of escort services within Dubai including private sex to luxurious condos. You can choose from outcall services, incall or home-based services. The majority of incall girls will come to your house or in your apartment. They are usually booked at upscale apartments in quiet and secluded areas. There are large mirrors in their bathrooms and luxurious bathtubs.

If you’re planning a romantic trip, consider hiring an escort service in New York. The private female attendants provide the therapeutic benefits of massage and they are similar in appearance as Japanese geisha. Though the majority of escorts will be female, there are some male options available. No matter what you prefer the escort you choose at New York will make your memorable. There is an escort service on the internet or go to their sites to learn more about their services. Be sure to check out reviews written by previous clients. In this way, you will be able to determine if the company offers the service you need. Additionally, you can pick from various pricing levels. New York is home to an active transsexual community. Numerous transvestites as well as transsexual hustlers call New York home. Many of them come from various parts of the globe to offer different kinds of sexual pleasure. You may choose to talk to the people, or get them brought to the hotel. New York is the perfect location for romantic trips or nights out with your york escorts There are many clubs and eateries in the city of New York and also Broadway performances. There’s a wide variety of entertainment options in the city of New York, such as rooftop bars, sporting bars. New York City has the most extravagant VIP escorts and if you’re wanting to enjoy a fantastic evening out, this is the perfect place to be. The most popular neighborhoods for escorts in NYC include Murray Hill and Midtown. These neighborhoods are populated with massage parlors and strip clubs as well as a variety of sex venues. Escorts are also available in private residences.